Ethan’s Temporary Fling

Spicy Contemporary Romance

Contemporary Romance

Contemporary Romance


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Please note: ETHAN’S TEMPORARY FLING was originally published under the title SEXIEST EYE CANDY


What could possibly go wrong in a one-week tangle-free affair?

Super-hunky, weight-loss celebrity Ethan Stone brings out Dr. Karis Van de Burke’s inner bad-girl. To prove it, when Ethan accepts the challenge to persuade the sassy, love-rejected cosmetic surgeon to appear as a guest on his show, she ends up inviting him into her bed for one night of guilty pleasure instead.

Used to women throwing themselves at him boobs first, Ethan knows his way around every female erogenous zone, but the sizzling chemistry he has with Karis blindsides him. Soon he’s convincing her to extend their one-night to another … and another … and…

Karis can’t resist! Yet, if Ethan discovers her secret, he’ll ditch her as fast as her ex-fiancé had — but really, what could go wrong in a one-week tangle-free affair?




Chapter 1


Ethan Stone smoothed the pad of his left thumb along the late-night stubble shadowing his jaw line as he stared at the monitor.

“So what do you think?” His producer, Ray, flopped back onto the chair next to him, the one Ray had vacated earlier to hunt out whatever he could find that came close to resembling food. Ray ripped the ring off a can of pop, took a swig, and plonked the can on the desk in front of him, then went to work on the pack of crisps he’d already half finished by the time he returned to the booth.

“That you’re going to kill yourself eating that junk.” Ethan glanced sideways in time to witness Ray tip his head back, open his mouth, and empty the remaining crumbs inside.

The pungent smell of artificial salt and vinegar turned Ethan’s stomach.

“What do you think about the playback, is what I meant.”

Ethan redirected his attention to the monitor. The camera started to close in on a single tear balanced on the edge of Andrea Van de Burke’s lower lashes. He knew what came next; he’d sat opposite the woman during the recording. When he’d asked her about her sister, she’d dropped her gaze.

“Kari is perfect in every way… the beautiful swan to my ugly duckling.” Her voice thickened and the camera moved in for a close-up of her tears.

Ethan knew how it felt to exist in an older sibling’s shadow. He also knew all about women like Karis Van de Burke—shallow women who shimmied through life with ease and entitlement. “We need to get her sister on the show.”

“Tried, remember?” Ray shook his head in resignation. “The woman refuses to budge on the flat-out no.”

“Then there’s only one thing left to do.”

“What? Hogtie her and drag her on camera?”

Ethan chuckled. “Persuade her.”

Ray swallowed another swig of fizzy pop. “How’d you plan to do that?”

“I’ll think of something. Whatever it takes.”

“You better think fast, pal, ’cause last I heard; she’s due to fly out to Africa any day now.”



“Yep, that’s what Jack said.” Jack Tabor’s secretary, mid-forties and hip in a formfitting black-and-white office dress and short shag hairstyle, barely glanced up from her magazine.

“They can’t do that.”

“They already have, Karis. Jack said things are getting a little heated over there, and he won’t risk it right now.”

“He can’t just decide to cancel my trip without consulting me. I have surgeries scheduled from almost the minute I arrive in Tunisia. Those kids are depending on me. Their families are depending on me. You tell Jack to stop hiding in that office and come out here now.”

“Jack’s not here.”

A flash of annoyance overtook Karis. If there was one thing she hated, it was the sense of lack of control. “What do you mean Jack isn’t here? He’s always here.”

“Not today.” Delia peeked up from her gossip mag long enough to give Karis a sympathetic lip-pull that passed for a smile. A second later, her eyes re-glued themselves to the glossy pages open in front of her. “This man can come and get rid of my fat any day.”

The only thing fat about Delia was her mouth. The woman was a notorious gossip.

Karis gave the magazine a cursory glance. Displayed on the left page was a colour photo of a gorgeous half-naked, super-fit guy who’d been oiled to show off the sexy definition of his muscles all the way to his amazing abs. Above his stylishly messy short dark hair, in large caps, was the title SEXIEST EYE CANDY TO LUST AFTER. Beside him was the #1, and beside that was the name ETHAN STONE. Whoever Ethan Stone was; Karis had to agree the man was indeed sexy eye candy worthy of lusting after. Right now though, she had more important things on her mind than how sexy Mr Ethan Stone was, or that his name tapped the back of her mind with vague familiarity, or even how blue the photographer had made his eyes. No one had eyes that blue, which made it obvious that perhaps more than the guy’s eyes had been image edited—disappointing.

Most people weren’t who they appeared to be.

And that was something she knew all about.

Snatching her mobile phone from the pocket of her bag, Karis searched out her boss’s number and hit the connect button. She listened as the call went straight to voicemail.

“Where is he, Delia?”

“He’s having a personal day. That’s all he told me.”